Occupational therapists and teachers love using fidget tools for calming, alerting, to promote attending and concentration, decrease stress, and to keep fidgety fingers busy, bodies more relaxed, and minds more focused! 

Fidgets can be a fun way to warm-up and strengthen fingers before handwriting tasks and fine motor activities.  Not sure which are the best fidgets to choose?  We've made it easy for you with our exclusive Therapy Shoppe® Fidget Kits™ that contain specialty fidget tools and toys, all hand-selected by our expert occupational therapists.  Children, tweens, teens, and adults love our huge selection of silent classroom fidgets for school, quiet fidgets for the office and travel, foot fidgets that keep feet happy while facilitating better focus, and 100's of other innovative sensory fidget tools and toys at low affordable prices! 

  1.  Sensory Seekers Kit™
  2. Sensory Seekers Kit™ #2
  3.  Hair Pullers Skin Pickers Fidget Kit™
  4.  Super Sensory Balls Sampler Kit™
  5.  Focusing Fidget Kit™
  6.  Focusing Fidget Kit™ #2
  7.  Fabulous Fidget Kit for Teens and Adults™
  8.  Office Desk Toys Fidget Kit™
  9.  Finger Nail Biters Fidget Kit™
  10.  Favorite Classroom Fidgets Kit™ For Teachers