Check out this brand new Therapy Shoppe® finger exerciser fidget tool! 

Our brand new Therapy Gear Fiddle Tool is a versatile fidget that's terrific for exercising finger joints and building finger dexterity skills!  This extraordinarily simple, gear-shaped fidget tool is designed to keep fingers in constant motion.  It has no moving parts... your fingers do all the work!  This wonderfully smooth, brightly colored little fiddle is the perfect size to carry in your pocket, or tote-along in a purse or backpack.  The small size makes this subtle, silent fidget tool an ideal choice for classrooms, the office, traveling, and for giving your fingers and brain a fun little break for those long homework assignments or stressful work you brought home from the office. 

Put your fingers to the test and amaze your friends with some of the cool finger tricks shown on our video as you exercise and build your fine finger skills (or create some of your own tricks)...  Don't miss some of our other top favorite occupational therapy finger exercisers:  Fiddlelinks, Spinning Swingo Fidget, and our Mini Twirling Double Loops

Who would have thought exercising your fingers could be so much fun! 

– Therapy Shoppe® OT Mom, April 10. 2017

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