I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for your help with my recent order. I ordered a number of things for a little girl who is celebrating her birthday with a kidney transplant and her brother, who had his 2 years ago and will be going through a very rough time dealing with his own (traumatic) memories. I'd asked that it be sent anonymously, and not only did you do that, it seems likely that someone made sure that it was sent very quickly, as the mother acknowledged the anonymous gift within just a few days of my order. Thank you so very much. You already were one of my favorite stores. I actually am a grad of ____ 's OT program, and 9 years ago at the OT conference I won a door prize from you that my patients used until it was absolutely worn out. But beyond that, I have significant sensory issues of my own and fidgets from the therapy store have made my life much calmer. Your prices are great, which makes it nice when you need to order a number of things at a time (I also tend to be hard on my fidgets). Finally, I knew that things from the Therapy Shoppe would be wonderful for these children because they already have things from there they love. The little boy has a lot of issues at school and needed things to do with his hands to prevent accidental injury from twisting the wires out of his notebooks when anxious. I suggested the mother check you out and she ordered a whole assortment of things for him to use to help with anxiety. Thank you SO much. I'll be ordering more soon I'm sure.