Here are 10 terrific focus helpers and sensory tools that can help fidgety kids (and others who have sensory differences) – be able to sit for longer periods and focus, attend, concentrate, and organize themselves better in the classroom.

  1. Fidgeting Foot Bands™
  2. Wiggle Seats (Fitball Seating Discs or Fitball Wedge Cushions
  3. Ball Chairs
  4. Focusing Fidget Kit™ (Focusing Fidget Kit™ #1 or Focusing Fidget Kit™ #2)
  5. Thinking Putty
  6. Velcro Fidget Strips™
  7. FiddleLinks Fidgeter
  8. Crazy Coiler Keychain Fidget Bracelets or Stretchy Chewy Jewelry Bracelets
  9. Chewing Gum and Drink Bottles with bite valves that provide deep pressure oral input (our therapists' love Camelbak Eddy and Camelbak Eddy Kids Drink Bottles)
  10. Pencil Topper Fidgets or Chewy Pencil Toppers: Pencil Topper Fidgets, Topperz Chewy Pencil Topper Tubes, and Chewberz Chewy Pencil Toppers are 3 customer favorites!