Mindful Kids Cards for Focus and Calm
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Mindful Kids Cards for Focus and...

Mindful Kids Cards for Focus and Calm

About Mindful Kids Cards for Focus and Calm

Delightful mindfulness activity card set for kindness, focus, and calm! This wonderful "kit" is amazing for teaching children, teens, and adults how to build empathy, manage everyday emotions, while promoting how to become mindful (the ability to be fully present, aware, and paying attention – with kindness and patience – to what's going on inside and around you without becoming overwhelmed!).  Includes:  50 beautiful 5"x7" coated cards with gorgeous graphics, step-by-step directions on the back of each card for the easy-to-follow games, activities, and meditations designed to support you thru each part of the day; packed in a sturdy flip-top box. Includes tips for adapting the activities and any materials you might need.  These neat color-coded cards are divided into 5 categories:  Start Your Day, Find Calm, Focus, Open Your Heart, and Rest & Relax.  Our staff and testers love this gorgeous mindfulness for kids set and we think you will too! For ages 4 to 104.