Kindness Kids Cards
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Kindness Kids Cards
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Kindness Kids Cards

About Kindness Kids Cards

NEW!  This delightful “kindness kit" is wonderful for teaching children, teens, and adults about gratitude, empathy, compassion, consideration, and community. This amazing activity deck includes 50 beautifully illustrated, double-sided 5”x7” coated cards with gorgeous multicultural graphics, step-by-step directions on each card (with tips for adapting many), and any materials needed.  You'll learn how kindness can actually change the chemicals in your body and brain, making you healthier and happier – and the world an even nicer, better place!  These neat color-coded cards are divided into 5 sections:  being kind to yourself, supporting family & loved ones, contributing to the community, building friendships with kindness, and being kind to all of nature (animals, plants, water, sky, water, land).  Includes solo and group games, crafts, and activities for home, school, and beyond; a phenomenal deck in a sturdy flip-top box.  We love Kindness Cards for Kids and think you will, too.  For ages 4-104.